About Me


I’m Krissi. I’m in my 30’s, married, and am fortunate enough to live with my best friend and my husband.

I initially started this blog for my writing and found a lot of pressure in uploading content I was happy with. So, while this blog still houses my writing, it also includes lifestyle posts.

So, what’s my style? I love to travel. A LOT. Disneyland & Las Vegas are my go-to out of state spots, but I travel all over Arizona every chance I get. I love writing about my adventures, and the ones I make up in my head.


This is my husband, Jon. We went to the same High School but didn’t meet until 2015 through a dating app. Millenials, amiright? 😉 We were married April 2019 in Las Vegas. Between the two of us, we battle asthma, scoliosis, lumbar disease, and more broken bones than we care to count.

But we have fun. Our relationship feels effortless most of the time and we get to focus on us a lot. When we’re not watching movies or reading books together, we travel. Disneyland is our favorite!


This is my best friend of ten years. I met her online too. We lived in different states initially, but have lived together since 2014.

We love our nail appointments, watching Supernatural, and going on vacation. We’ve helped each other through a lot and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

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